Uri Geller ‘willing to help’ England win World Cup – but he needs a helicopter

Notorious spoon benderUri Geller has revealed he is willing to hover over Qatar in a helicopter to help England clinch World Cup glory – but only if he is personally invited by Gareth Southgate or one of the players.

The psychic claims he previously ensured footballing success for the Three Lions by moving the ball on the penalty spot when England beat Scotland in Euro 96.

He famously hovered in a helicopter above the stadium during the match, before chanting: “One, two, three, move” during the run-up to the spot kick, with Gary McAllister's spot-kick subsequently saved by keeper David Seaman.

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And Uri told the Daily Star he is willing to use the power of his mind again to help England in the 2022 World Cup.

He said: “I will only hover in a helicopter again if I am invited to do that because it has to be a mutually agreed situation.

“Sadly, most managers are very cautious and they are afraid of controversy – but Gareth, if you’re open-minded get me there and I will do everything in my capacity to make England win.”

Uri, who was investigated by the CIA over his supposed psychic powers, explained that it is also up to England fans to make sure their team triumphs in Qatar to end 56 years of hurt.

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He told supporters that if they run the target words “win, win, win” through their minds every night before going to bed the Three Lions will emerge victorious.

But he will also be harnessing his “invisible spirit thread” during the tournament and vowed to return to the chopper once more if he’s needed.

The mystifer added: “The power of the mind can be immense and I’m willing to help.

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“I’m waiting for an invitation, of course I don’t charge for these type of things. My loyalty is to England, I am a British citizen and I lived in England for 35 years.

“When I shouted in the helicopter and the ball moved away in that instant, you cannot debunk that, it’s real and mind power does work.

“I’m not a miracle worker and I’m not a prophet, we all have mind power and an ability to unleash our positive thinking and influence a match.”

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