Uri Geller ‘to penetrate’ sacred part of Charles’ coronation with ‘inner mind’

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    Uri Geller has promised "to penetrate" the most sacred part of King Charles' upcoming Coronation using his "inner mind" to do so.

    The illusionist and infamous spoon-bender has said it is "amazing" that the centre of the Coronation is a "lowly spoon", and Uri may wreak havoc on the big day.

    Uri has since said he and his fans can "penetrate the screen" King Charles will be behind during his anointment and cause a bit of Coronation chaos by bending the sacred spoon.

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    He has since given instructions to those at home hoping to bend the spoon, and has promised to help "remote viewers" on the big day.

    Speaking in an address to his "dear friends", spoon-bender Uri said: "It's amazing that of all the things in the world, the lowly spoon is at the centre of the most sacred part of the British Coronation.

    "I think that's incredible. King Charles will be shielded by screens as he is anointed with a sacred spoon, an ancient spoon, but of course we can penetrate the screen by remote viewing."

    Instructing his followers to take their finger to their television sets on May 6, Uri believes they can leave their mark on history by causing trouble for the ancient spoon.

    He added: "I can help you. I will help you while King Charles is behind the screen, simply, listen carefully, place your left index finger on your TV screen and you will see the whole sacred ceremony inside your inner eye, inside your inner mind."

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    Uri's bizarre message to camera comes as the King prepares for his upcoming Coronation service, one that has already seen some troubles from inside and outside the Royal Family.

    The Daily Star previously reported the chances of King Charles leaving the throne early, with a "living Nostradamus" claiming the King of England will abdicate and be replaced.

    Other worries were aired over the importance of the Coronation, with a royal expert speaking to The Daily Star claiming the big day would be a "litmus test" for the future of the family.

    As Uri prepares to bend the spoon next week, perhaps he can prepare by melting the controversial chocolate work of King Charles III, which left people comparing it to The Head from children's art show, Art Attack, The Daily Star reported.

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