Urgent probe as German firm may have supplied RUSSIA with ‘highly toxi

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According to German media reports, customs investigators have launched a probe into several companies that have been suspected of having supplied highly toxic chemicals to Russia. These substances may have been used by the Kremlin to produce chemical warfare agents.


According to media reports, customs authorities in Hamburg have begun their investigation by searching the premises of a chemical firm in Lower Saxony, along with a logistics company in Bremen.

The public prosecutor’s office in Stade has accused them of violating the Foreign Trade and Payments Act and of exporting highly toxic chemicals to Russia for years – without proper authorisation.

According to the news portal “tagesschau.de” with reference to NDR, WDR and Süddeutscher Zeitung, the officials confirmed searches in a total of seven companies and private rooms.

The company in Lower Saxony have allegedly exported toxic substances, along with special laboratory supplies and protective equipment to Russia in 30 cases.

According to reports, there was no authorisation for this shipment.

Both the chemical firm and the logistics company from Bremen have not yet commented on the investigation.

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