‘UK’s worst beer garden’ pub where you would ‘pop in for pint, snog and sex act’

A beer garden in Scotland has been accused of being the worst the UK has ever seen.

Photos from the Brass Button pub in Motherwell did the rounds on social media in 2020 in a tweet captioned: "Nice beer garden in Motherwell if anyone fancies a pint."

The pub garden – some randomly arranged chairs and a makeshift railing just plonked down in what appears to be an industrial estate – was widely mocked.

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One regular did jump to the pub's defence, saying: "It's a great wee hub in our scheme where the locals enjoy great pints and friendly banter all year round.

"Everyone from the staff down to punters love the Brass Button and long may our wee pub stay that way."

However, it might not come as a total surprise to learn the Brass Button has now closed down.

The images have since re-emerged on the r/UrbanHell subreddit. The description for the page reads: "A photography subreddit of all the hideous places human beings built or inhabit.

"Come here for aesthetic appreciation of the darker side of the cities, towns, and villages in our shared world. We welcome any photos which show either ugliness, or a problem in urban development. Rural and suburban hell are also allowed."

Unsurprisingly, the resurfaced images have been met with more mockery.

One Reddit user said: "The brass button brings back good memories…pop in for a pint, quick snog and a cheeky finger from Alistair the barman."

Another said: "There is a reason to get drunk." A third said: "More like a beer abandoned-parking-lot."

Yet there were also comments defending the closed-down boozer. One person wrote: "Us working class heroes just need a seat and a glass of cold beer. I don’t see anything wrong."

Another said: "Idk man, as a recovering alcoholic, thats the kind of place I could have spent plenty of time in.

"No pretensions at all, and cheap drinks. That places sole purpose is to get hammered in. [sic]."

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