UK ‘Ken Doll’ in court at Christmas after trip abroad for ‘unmissable TV op’

The bloke nicknamed Hull's "Human Ken Doll" has allegedly breached a foreign travel ban because he wanted to pick up some “lucrative” television work.

Jimmy Featherstone is barred from going abroad due to an eight-week prison sentence he served las year for failing to comply with the requirements of a community order.

It was during a November 2021 hearing that he was found guilty of two counts of breaching a molestation order and two counts of harassment relating to events on May 25, 2020.

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And having failed to follow those orders, he was slapped with an eight-week prison sentence.

However, Featherstone has found himself in hot water once again after fleeing the country for an “opportunity that he simply could not miss”, but was quickly deterred – once arriving abroad to an undisclosed location – because he was called and told he “needed to be home” by the probation service.

The Hull-native's trip ended after just four days, and he was later seen in court admitting breaching his post-custodial sentence supervision, Hull Live reports.

The probation service told Hull magistrates that Featherstone began his post-sentence supervision on January 10 but he travelled abroad in September when the trip had not been authorised by the head of the service.

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Rebecca Shears, mitigating at Hull Magistrates' Court this week, said: "The defendant realises that it was a silly decision to travel abroad.

“He has been distressed at the prospect of a return to custody. It would definitely result in the loss of his employment. He works full-time at a dentist.”

He admitted to pocketing £800 during his time away, but as he had “not committed any further offences” since being released from prison, he was only fined £230 for the trip – as long as he paid it in full within 28 days.

Featherstone declined to make any comment on the case after the hearing at Hull Magistrates' Court.

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