UK in firing line as Musk’s Starlink satellite hurtles towards Earth – MOD on alert

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The SpaceX probe is said to have entered Earth’s atmosphere earlier today, with experts saying it will likely burn up soon. But the UK Space Agency say there is a “low chance” that Starlink-1855 will burn up over the UK. They are now working with the MOD to track its progress.

The UK Space Agency wrote on Twitter: “A Starlink satellite re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere earlier today, with a low chance it may burn up over the UK very shortly.

“We are monitoring its re-entry together with the MOD and there is no expectation the re-entry will cause any damage.”

Jake Geer, Head of Space Surveillance and Tracking at the UK Space Agency added: “Today a Starlink-1855 satellite re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

“There is a low chance it will re-enter over the UK at around 12:18, and you might be able to spot the satellite as it burns up.”

“Starlink has a fantastic track record of orchestrating safe and reliable re-entries and we don’t expect this satellite to cause any damage.

“Still, the UK Space Agency and Ministry of Defence continually monitor and assess re-entries of satellites and debris and any risks to British Territories through our joint Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) capabilities.”

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