UFO spotters convinced one of the ‘saucers’ looked like Hoff’s Knight Rider car

A UFO expert reckons he has seen countless crafts in the skies that resemble the car in Knight Rider.

Alien investigator Gari Jones said he has had a string of encounters with flying objects which cannot be easily explained over the years.

He first saw a “saucer like” object covered in lights when he was seven years old in Caerphilly, Wales, which he says looked like artificially intelligent vehicle K.I.T.T, from the hit 80s show with David Hasslehoff.

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Gari said: “I was with some friends playing out after dark and we saw a strange set of lights flashing."

He continued: “We looked over and above the hill was a saucer shaped object just hovering there.

“The way it moved and the way it shined was like nothing I’d seen before and it had these red, yellow and orange flashing lights which bounced back and forward.

“I watched Knight Rider when I was young and it looked exactly like the car in it.

“Whatever it was just stayed there perfectly still for about three minutes, I looked away for a second and when I looked back it had gone.

“If it had been a helicopter or a plane it would never have been able to move out of the skyline that quickly.”

Gari, who has had two other similar encounters, said it was impossible to speculate on what the crafts were here for and who built them, but said it was clear they are watching us.

He said: “Some of the crafts that have been seen over the years are capable of making themselves invisible, others have been seen coming out of the sea.

“They have technology far beyond our capabilities, so the question is, if we’re not building them, who is?

“It’s either some sort of secret advanced Government work or they are extra terrestrial.

“If they wanted to invade they would have already, they are clearly far more advanced than we are.

“Whatever it is is observing us and carrying out some sort of surveillance. “

And Gari, who has written a book called The Denbigh Lights – A truthful Argument For The Existence Of UFOs, said it was only a matter of time before we bumped into one of these crafts in space.

He said: “We are a species that is accelerating with space exploration, look at the advancements of the likes of Elon Musk.

“So if there is another species out there looking into us, and we’re out there looking into them, we may well end up bumping into each other at some point in the near future.”

Whilst the truth around UFOs remains uncertain, Gari also believes the Government will soon need to come clean on any intelligence they have on them.

Recently the US government has been slightly more transparent about how it is treating UFO sightings.

Their military has coined the term UAP – unidentified aerial phenomena – to refer to unidentified flying objects – which is supposed to shake off some of the stigma surrounding the word UFO.

Gari said: “I think the Government here will be leaning more into disclosing what is going on as well.

“People are so inquisitive and with the advancement of the internet and social media I don’t think they can keep hiding things from people, and they know that.”

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