UFO sighting: Model Jo Wood opens up about witnessing three ‘alien UFOs’ – ‘An eye opener’

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Jo Wood, 66, counts herself among a sizeable group of showbiz alumni who believe alien life is somewhere out there among the stars. The obsession has spawned the Alien Nation podcast, where she interviews fellow UFO enthusiasts, including actor Dan Akroyd and singer Robbie Williams. Jo’s UFO mania kicked off in earnest more than 20 years ago while on holiday in Brazil.

She was travelling across South America in 1998 with her two children and then-husband Ronnie Wood of Rolling Stones fame.

Unbeknownst to them, a short stay in the town of Recife on Brazil’s northeast coast would coincide with a “sausage-shaped craft” passing over the sea.

Jo recalled how on the night before they were due to leave, Ronnie shouted “Jo! Jo! Come here – there are some weird lights over the sea!”

She then saw a bizarre object pass over the water, with lights beaming from underneath it.

The pair watched the UFO glide upwards before it stopped and set off again “faster than you can imagine”.

The following day, the model claimed the local press was abuzz with the UFO sighting.

And as it would turn out, this was going to be the first of three supposed UFO encounters over the years.

Jo recalled the bizarre story to Vicki Power in The Telegraph.

She said: “That UFO sighting in Recife with Ronnie was the most amazing thing I’ve seen and I’ve since become obsessed with all things alien.

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“It motivated me to start my podcast, Alien Nation, where I interview people – including Robbie Williams and Dan Aykroyd – about their UFO encounters; we’re just getting people together for a second series.”

Her second UFO encounter took place in France sometime later.

Jo was on tour with the Rolling Stones at the time and the group saw something unusual zip by in the sky.

Frontman Mick Jagger at first dismissed the object as a satellite but Jo said “we weren’t all convinced”.

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And the third encounter took place again in South America in the late 1990s while Jo was flying over a deserted coastline in a tour plane.

She recalled seeing a “fluorescent green orb” with her son, Tyrone, which approached the plane.

This encounter supposedly happened at an altitude of 36,000ft.

Jo said: “Since childhood, I’d been hearing about spaceships and UFOs but seeing one was an eye opener.

“It made me think how vast the universe must be and that we are not the only beings here.

“There must be civilisations out there that have lived longer than us and have technology our wildest dreams.”

Jo is not the only high-profile celebrity to actively pursue an interest in UFOs.

Former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge famously helped set up the To The Stars Academy, which collects data on UFO sightings and reports.

Earlier last year, the musician said: “I’ve been brought into a group of people and I’m a big part of a mechanism that is absolutely profound and already started changing the world. And it’s going to do a lot more.”

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