UFO researcher claims he ‘found his purpose’ when he met ‘flesh-eating alien’

A UFO watcher has told of the extraordinary moment he believes he was a confronted by aliens who held him by the neck – in an episode that change his life forever.

Ryushin Malone -a self-professed UFO researcher – claims he 'found his purpose' after being visited by translucent alien beings who were looking to harvest his adrenal glands.

Following the unusual contact, the conspiracy theorist from Maine, USA, began researching aliens and bizarre unexplained happenings from across the world and now believes these creatures are sacrificing humans and consuming them.

Malone told the Daily Star: "I was sitting there and I felt a touch underneath my chin and it lifted up my head.

"I looked down and I could see a translucent being in front of me with big eyes, a small, maybe three-foot-tall see-through creature.

"And another creature stepped around from the side of it with an Iron Rod and put it up against my neck. Then that creature disappeared.

"The first creature then lowered my head down and then stepped back and disappeared.

"After that, I was like, oh, my God, they're real. They're here."

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Since then, the 41-year-old has devoted his life to researching aliens and receives funds for doing so via his GoFundMe page.

The bloke who posts all of his findings to The Orion Lines, claims they have been living among us for thousands of years.

He also alleged that these off-world visitors eat human flesh and posed the wild conspiracy theory in which he believes these beings are how satanic cults began.

He added: "So what I realised is that they are actually adrenal from Augustine. So they're torturing the victims for 45 minutes to an hour for the body to produce these chemicals.

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"They're torturing them, they're collecting the chemicals and they drink, the adrenal grows and it gets them high. But they're also drinking the blood. And it brought me all into all religions, especially Satanism.

"It's very interesting because everyone who comes across a mutilated cow goes, oh, this is some kind of Satanic ritual.

"That's where the Satan worship first learned it from, was from these extraterrestrials who've been coming here for thousands of years and doing this practice of human sacrifice."

Malone now claims his purpose is to research these creatures and "get the truth out there."

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