UFO or secret spy plane debate sparked by photo unearthed after 32 years

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A single image has caused a massive debate, dividing opinions on whether it is an alien UFO or a top-secret US military plane.

The picture was taken by two young chefs on the edge of Cairngorms National Park in Scotland on August 4, 1990.

After taking the photo though, the image disappeared from view, along with the two men who took it.

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Now David Clarke, university lecturer at Sheffield Hallam and investigative journalist, has told theMailthat he has found a hidden copy of the image.

Named the Calvine File, the two young chefs took their photographs to the Daily Record although no story ever made it to the public domain.

The Ministry of Defence wants the identities of the two blokes to be sealed until 2076 due to “privacy concerns” while the original photographs themselves should have been released after 30 years – meaning the obvious route to finding the image seemed to be blocked.

Mr Clarke said that he tried and tried to find a copy of the image, the originals locked away by the government.

After being pushed back on by government officials over and again he finally struck gold.

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The first official to speak to the chefs on the night of their terrifying ordeal was former RAF officer Craig Lindsay, who Clarke has since been tracked down.

Not only was he happy to talk but had taken a copy of the photograph before he sent the file off to the Ministry of Defence.

Craig, 83, who lives in Scotland provided Clarke with access to the image which has now been shared, sparking debate.

Clarke has since spoken to experts who have confirmed that the image is real and has not been fiddled with.

“As a press officer for Scotland, I dealt with many UFO reports but most were just of lights in the sky. It was obvious this one was different. When I asked what sort of noise it had made, the man said, 'It didn't make any noise at all.'

"Up to that point I wasn't treating it very seriously but when he said it was silent, I suddenly realised there is no aircraft that I know of that is silent.”

The image has since been hailed as the best UFO image ever taken.

He arranged for the images handed to the Record to be collected and sent a copy to the Ministry of Defence. “Before I could even get back to my desk the phone was ringing and my contact said, 'Tell me more about this. Can you get the negatives?”

After that the MoD told him to leave it to them – now Craig just hopes that the two witnesses come forward to explain what they saw.

Clarke believes that the image is more likely to show a secret US military project than a UFO.

With the Cold War still going on and the west still doing everything it could to maintain an advantage over the Soviet Union, crazy projects were common for militaries.

An American reconnaissance aircraft named 'Aurora' was one such possible theory.

No confirmation of it existence has ever been released.

Rumours about it began circulating in the 1980s, describing a geometrically shaped, silent and supersonic plane – a highly classified secret that Clarke believes is provided useful cover by the UFO discussion around it.

At the time of writing, no confirmed information exists about what is in the image, but it seems for now there are only two main theories.

What do you make of the photograph? Let us know in the comments.


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