UFO frenzy sweeps France: Scientists baffled as mystery object filmed over multiple cities

France: Bizarre light moves across sky in Hérault

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A UFO frenzy has erupted in France after dozens of witnesses in multiple cities across the country saw the same mysterious glowing object on the same night. The sighting took place on Tuesday night this week, as witnesses across at least seven different cities uploaded footage of the same bright tic-tac shaped object.  The cylindrical UFO that appeared orange and glowing was seen by people in Montpellier, Cournonterral, Pavalas-les-Flots, Sète, Narbonne, Perpignan and Andorra.

It appeared to be moving along the Mediterranean coast in the south of France. 

However, the sighting has left experts baffled and no one has been able to explain what it is.

Even meteorologists at the local weather service Météo Gard-Hérault were left puzzled by the footage.

They retweeted videos of the sighting, asking viewers what the object could be.

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The footage even appeared on several French TV news channels, including LCI and TF1. 

Discussing the footage, pundits on LCI debated whether the UFO was “an alien, satellite, a drone or a laser”. 

Footage recorded in the Héraut, near Montpellier, shows an object spinning in a straight line, stopping and turning three times on itself before zipping away again.

Viewers claim the incredible turns and speed of the object, which appeared to somersault through the air, prove it is not a balloon, nor a plane, nor a satellite.

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Witnesses can be heard reacting in astonishment at the bizarre object in the night sky.

In one clip, filmed in Cournonterral, a man is watching the shining object from inside his car and appears to have pulled over to film it as the object rotates slowly.

In another clip, the alleged UFO is flying in the skies above Palavas-les-Flots and a man and woman are watching in amazement as it hovers above rooftops.


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Several social media users suggested the object could be a drone.

Others compared the object to the ‘tic tac’ UFO which was spotted in a confirmed sighting by the US Air Force in 2004. 

However, users have also urged GEIPAN, the Study and Information Group on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena, to investigate the videos.

GEIPAN is a unit of the French Space Agency CNES whose brief is to investigate unidentified aerospace phenomena.

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