Truth about UFOs hidden by secret group who believe aliens are ‘demonic’

A secret US military group has been hiding the truth about the existence of UFOs since the 1950s because it believes aliens are "demons or associated with hell."

New documentary film God Versus Aliens claims the mysterious organisation called Collins Elite is controlling the UFO agenda and preventing the public from knowing the truth about visits to Earth and alien abductions. The claims are made in the film by author and UFO researcher Brian Allan- who also serves as an editor for Phenomena Magazine.

He states the group was formed in Fifties at Wright Patterson Airforce base in the US to control information released to the public. During its research the group concluded UFOs and aliens were demonic.

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Brian said: "The Collins Elite was inspired by UFOs and research into UFOs. They set-up this group called the Collins Elite to look into it.

"But the problem with the Collins Elite was that it had its own agenda. This agenda seems to have developed from right wing American religious outlooks.

"What came out of the Collins Elite investigations was that ETs were not mechanical, they were not flying machines from other realities or dimensions. They came from hell. All extraterrestrials are in fact demons or associated with hell.

"All their prognostications came down to the fact that ETs were from hell and they were demons or whatever. It existed and that was one of their findings.

"They found that yes, these things do fly about in the sky but they are not extraterrestrial.''

Brian also believes the Bible contains proof aliens have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. "A lot of Biblical happenings, Biblical events, things that were encountered in the Bible and written about could well have been ET,'' he said.

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"There's every reason to suppose that they were ET because the people that were writing about them had absolutely no other frame of reference but to attribute these things to a heavenly source, from God the Almighty.

"They probably have, inadvertently, absolute proof of the existence of ET and their existence here on Earth since the beginning of time.''

Rev Daniel Thompson said it was possible `alien super-beings' may be inhabiting heaven already.

"The Christian story is one that there will a Second Coming, that there will be this kind of tumultuous period, which we often think about in the Book of Revelations and that is open to a huge range of interpretations,'' he said.

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"But some kind of tumult followed by the Second Coming and the New Heaven and the New Earth where what we think of heaven, being some distant place, and what we think of Earth then being fractured in some sense and they actually come together so that everything is a heavenly realm.

"Maybe what we're talking about with alien super-beings maybe they are inhabiting the heavenly realm already. The heavenly realm in the Bible says, `no more darkness, no more light, no more crying'.

"That is a very beautiful image in Revelations 21 and that kind of is the image of heaven that we end up going to. Heaven isn't somewhere you go when you die. It's actually something that we transcend to.

"Maybe that's a little glimpse of these super-beings from the future. Or, a vision of hell.''

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