‘Time traveller from 2671’ warns of ‘mega-tsunami’ coming in the next six months

A mysterious TikTok user, who claims to be a "time traveller from 2671", has issued a warning over major events coming over the next six months – including a "mega tsunami" hitting the US.

Eno Alaric, who is also known as @theradianttimetraveller, has gained over 26,000 followers on the app by posting warnings about supposed future events.

The creator has previously made warnings about twin planets with Earth, alien visitors and even portals opening to other dimensions.

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But now, the self-professed time warper has warned of five major events coming between now and May 2023 – featuring everything from missing planes to natural disasters.

In a clip, which has gained more than 27,000 likes, they wrote: "Many of you still don't believe I am a real-time traveller – let me provide it to you. Remember these five major dates.

"November 14, 2022: 10 people receive powers from the extreme energy of the sun.

"November 30, 2022: The James Webb telescope finds a planet that is a mirrored version of Earth.

"December 12, 2022: A flight that's been missing for 12 years will land. None of the passengers aged.

"February 6, 2023: A group of 4 teenagers discover ancient ruins and a device that opens a wormhole to other galaxies May 15, 2023: A 750ft mega-tsunami, 'The Great Wave', hits California, mainly San Francisco."

Viewers were left divided over whether or not to believe the outlandish claims as they took to the comments to give their opinion.

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One user said: "Someone's been watching too many TV shows."

Another added: "If people did get powers most of them won’t tell."

A third commented: "Source: Trust me bro."

A fourth wrote: "Maybe some of these discoveries will be hidden by the government."


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