‘Time traveller’ claims to have pictures of how World War III starts and ends

A mysterious TikTok user who claims to be a "time traveller" has revealed to their fans what World War III will look like.

The revelation was posted on the app by the @timevoyaging account, which is known for making outlandish claims about the future – rom the discovery of T-rex eggs and dragons to a worldwide "purge".

However, the creator recently made claims that they have "photographic evidence" that they are who they say they are and that they would reveal them to people who commented on their video.

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Kicking off the series, a fan commented "World War III" and they delivered them in a video reply.

In the clip, which has gained more than 1,300 likes, the TikTok user wrote: "ATTENTION! Yes, I am a real time traveller, World War III was the most liked comment.

"So as I promised I would do, here are pictures of how it began and how it ended."

The first image shows a huge explosion over a city that has been shrouded in thick, grey clouds of smoke – but it wasn't disclosed where the picture is meant to be.

Following this, the self-professed time warper showed images that appear to be controlled explosions in a laboratory before showing similar explosions happening across the world.

The final snaps show the Earth being completely destroyed as they say humans have moved to a fed planet they have dubbed: "Planet Delta."

Viewers were left divided over the images as some seemed to believe that the pictures show how a nuclear war will destroy the world.

One user said: "That looks scary."

Another added: "We're dead."

A third commented: "Ngl I actually do believe that once ww3 starts we are fucked bc we don't have a backup planet and a lot of nukes."

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However, not everyone believed the images as they claimed they were generated using an artificial intelligence image generator.

A user argued: "Ahh, yes, AI-generated images."

Another suggested: "Google Images."

A third wrote: "So how is this proof if it's CGI? also, you see how they are super selective on who they reply to because they know they are lying."


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