‘Time traveller’ claims huge discovery is imminent and pinpoints armageddon

A time traveller bizarrely claiming to be from the year 2485 is going viral online after warning people of the events that will apparently lead to the end of the Earth.

The adventurer known as That One Time Traveler posts countless videos on TikTok sharing dates of important moments in the not-too-distant future.

Despite absolutely no proof of anything happening – and with some viewers pointing out his previous predictions have not come true – he has managed to rack up an army of 1.2 million followers.

In one video posted on March 28 he says: "Remember the date October 7, 2021, something amazing in found in the Atlantic Ocean.

"The discovery changes the waters forever and it also changes human lives forever as well.

"Mark the date down, you will want to remember this."

Like many other of his predictions, he provides no further detail on what this could be.

Unlike another "time traveller" who documented his life exploring an apparently deserted city, the time traveller creates the posts with videos taken from sci-fi movies or scenic spots like beaches and forests and never shows his face or his "home planet".

He outrageously claims in another clip that he is "from the year 2485" and is able to speak as a company he works for – Aura – has created a time machine.

"I live in a small planet called 'Vadho'," he adds. "It's one of the smallest planets we have come across with reliable sources and signs of life."

And in an even more bizarre claim, the "time traveller" says that a gigantic asteroid will lead to the destruction of Earth on July 6th, 2788.

"However, by that time we have successfully managed to civilise on Mars, the Moon and many other planets," he adds.

Viewers noticed some of his claims were not accurate and others doubted how he knows the date of the end of Earth.

One said: "The vaccine is not a super new thing and no, Donald Trump did not win the 2020 election, but I'm staying tuned for the laughs."

Another questioned: "If you come from the year 2485 as you say you do, how would you know the date for the end of Earth? That's the future not the past to you."

"Something amazing found in the Atlantic Ocean?" a third added. "I guess it's Atlantis…and more cities."

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