Time travel row as bloke claims Elon Musk’s Tesla has machine among conspiracies

A time travel fan claims tech billionaire Elon Musk's Tesla already has a machine capable of rewinding the years.

The science fiction subject has become a source of heated debate online since a social media user "from the year 2090" warned of a devastating natural disaster.

Another eerie post claimed to know the exact date the Queen dies. Now fans of the genre are butting heads over what could and couldn't be possible with regards to going full Doctor Who.

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On one side of the fence is Facebook user Andrew Knowles who is a staunch denier of time even existing, yet that is not enough to deter others from citing and even creating certain conspiracy theories.

Time Travel member Neil Green asked: "Do ppl think we already have a working time machine on this planet..

"Or is there a government in the process of making one as the Philadelphia experiment was in 1943, so we have had years to look at the data to see what went wrong.."

According to legend, the Philadelphia Experiment involved the USS Eldridge, a Cannon-class destroyer escort during World War 2 on October 28, 1943.

Witnesses claim an eerie green-blue glow surrounded the hull of the ship as her generators spun up and then, suddenly, the Eldridge disappeared, Military.com writes.

The ship was then seen in Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Virginia before disappearing again and reappearing back in Philadelphia.

It is fair to say Andrew is not quite on the same page, he said: "Time travel isn't possible because Time doesn't exist. It's a man made creation. A unit of measurement to make sense of the world.

"Without you to observe it, it doesn't exist. Only in your mind and memories. There is no past and no future. Only Existence. The past, present and Future exist at once."

A new theory, however, has been offered by fellow Facebook group member Thomas Coyote Baxter who has encouraged new members to ignore such fun sponge comments.

Thomas wrote: "I believe its possible and tesla discovered it. I don't think its possible to change history but im no scientist ether. Ignore the killjoys and welcome lol."

Sadly Jeff VanMeter could be described by Thomas as yet another "killjoy" after his deep dive into the supposed mechanics of a time machine, warning even if it worked it is terrifying to think where one could end up.

He said: "The amount of energy and computing power that required to bend spacetime is unfathomably large. There is no way to even pinpoint a physical coordinate forward or back because the entire universe is in motion.

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"Nothing today is where it was yesterday andnothing tomorrow will be where it is today. Planets spin, orbit, suns spin and orbit, galaxies spin and orbit, etc.

"If your destination coordinates are off by even a meter you could end up in space or inside a mountain, ocean, sun, etc. And we'll never be able to harness enpugh energy like an entire galaxy of energy. So. Not today not tomorrow not ever."

The Daily Star has contacted Tesla for a comment.


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