TikTok users feel cheated after only just realising Earth isn’t perfectly round

TikTok users have been left shocked after they found out that the Earth isn't a perfect sphere.

Holly Moffatt, 21, took to the app to share her shock after she Google-searched for the real shape of our planet only to find out that it isn't as round as diagrams in books would have you believe.

In the video, which has gained more than 826,000 likes, Holly said: "How, after 21 years of living on this planet, am I only just now finding out that this is the shape of the earth and that it's not just perfectly round? My mind is blown."

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While it may seem obvious to some people that the space rock they live on wouldn't be a perfect sphere – others felt like their GCSE science text books had lied to them.

One user wrote: "I'm sorry, but what."

Another added: "I figured it probably wasn’t but that’s what we’re taught."

A third said: "No I refuse to believe we aren’t perfectly round."

A fourth argued: "Nothing is ever going to be perfectly round. The Earth is still very round though, in fact, it's smoother than a bowling ball."

But even Holly herself said that it would make sense for it to not be perfectly round as she captioned the clip: "Like it makes sense but it also makes absolutely no sense."

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There is still so much we don't know about out planet, which was once completely deserted and inhospitable to host any kind of life for almost a billion years – that was until first living microscopic organisms appeared around 3.7 billion years ago.

Human beings, having only come into existence around 300,000 years ago, are still a relatively new life form, arriving on the scene only after so many other species have long died out.

The same way Earth survived for so long without humans before our arrival, it will continue to survive for billions of years after we’re gone, with plenty of time for new species to spawn and even take our place afterwards.


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