TikTok user discovers ‘underwater alien base’ after creature washes up on beach

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A man claims to have found an "underwater alien base" after a mysterious creature was found on a beach.

Conspiracy theorist Brian Daniel put forward the suggestion, and told his TikTok followers that he thinks there is a major government conspiracy theory going on.

He insists he witnessed a real-life alien being dealt with by government officials after it washed up on a beach, LADBible reports.

Brian revealed his barmy theory: "I decided to investigate the origin of the alien and I stumbled across what looks like an underwater alien base.

"Notice the circular structure deep underwater with an opening in the centre. When viewed from land, we can see what looks like a UFO above the alien base.

"When you take a closer look at the underwater alien base, we can see that there is a 27ft opening in the centre. Is there where the UFOs go to hide from us?"

Brian has previously spoken out online about allegedly being followed by US secret service agents.

It remains to be seen whether there is in fact an underwater alien base at the unnamed beach.

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The conspiracy theorist's investigation was discussed on the History channel's Ancient Aliens, which looks at "the most credible alien evidence here on Earth".

Author Andrew Collins told the programme: "There have been reports that objects, strange lights, actually rise up out of the waters into the air and move about for a period of time and then disappear.

"And often this is either witnessed from the beach or is experienced close hand by fishermen, and it said that sometimes these objects come so close that the fisherman can actually feel the heat as they pass."

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