Sunak hints at heat pump scrapping as he pledges cheaper energy lifeline to slash bills

What is the £5000 boiler heat pump payment?

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One of the biggest challenges that the next UK Prime Minister is going to face is tackling the energy crisis, as bills are now tipped to soar to about £3,200 in October. In the spring budget, then-Chancellor Mr Sunak unveiled a £21billion support package that offers Britons about £1,000 to help with energy bills. However, this lifeline was given when the energy price cap was expected to rise to £2,800, which means that much of this Government support package will now be swallowed up by the rising gas prices.

Mr Sunak indicated that he would offer more support to households to cope with the crisis if he becomes the next Prime Minister.

Speaking to the Times, he said: “I’m pragmatic, I’m flexible, no one should be dogmatic about this.”

He also suggested that as a way to reduce energy bills for vulnerable households, Mr Sunak will prioritise insulation measures over schemes promoting new technologies like the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS).

The BUS offers households up to £5,000 in subsidies to replace their ageing gas boiler will an energy-efficient heat pump, halving the cost in some cases.

For many households, even with the BUS support, heat pumps are prohibitively expensive and not considered a viable way to slash bills for this winter.

This may be why Mr Sunak said that he wants to see hundreds of millions of pounds refocused on a nationwide insulation programme, rather than heat pumps and decarbonising public sector building

He said: “If we can refocus that money to do these types of interventions, which are quicker and cheaper, that seems like a sensible thing for us to be focusing on.”

Speaking to, Will Hodson, Consumer Champion, How To Save It backed Mr Sunak’s plans to end the energy crisis, and even believes that the former Chancellor will unveil an insulation scheme that could slash up to £600 off energy bills by this winter.

He said: “I think you have to say that Rishi was perceived as being somewhat sceptical about climate change policy, and wasn’t seen as the most enthusiastic support either in how acted in the Treasury or how he voted in Parliament.

“With that said, he is making quite encouraging noises now as he gets into the run-offs for the Tory party leadership.

“I think what you’ve seen from him is a fairly sensible targeting of energy efficiency. That makes total sense to me.”

He said that he “expects” announcements of new energy efficiency schemes, adding that “he’s a guy who’s not backing away from the green levies.

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“You talk about how the different candidates stand on that and where they should be, those levies will allow energy efficiency measures.

“There’s also the reality that those homes are drafty and leaky, and that’s why we’re in a situation where energy efficiency measures can save Brits £600 a year if the program is well designed and rolled out correctly, which it can be.

“I expect this to be done well because this is something that can save money straight away, and is pragmatic.”

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