Stomach-churning video shows massive snake being pulled out of frog’s bum

A sickening set of pictures showing a huge snake being pulled out of a frog’s bum has shocked social media users across the world.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, a professional reptile removal service based just north of Brisbane, Australia, shared the stomach-churning photos to its Facebook page yesterday (Thursday, March 9).

The reptile removers were sent the pictures, showing a Green tree frog with a baby Eastern brown snake coming out of its bum, by one of their followers.

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They added that the woman who found the frog saw it trying to pull the snake, which is "highly venomous" from its backside.

The pictures baffled the reptile rescuers, who said in the caption: “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!”

They added: “Was the frog struggling to digest and poop out the snake? Did the brown snake slither all the way through the digestive system?”

Shockingly, just eight hours after the company posted the video to their Facebook page, they posted an even gorier video of another Green Tree Frog having a blind snake pulled out of its behind.

“You can see the relief in the frogs eyes haha!”, the reptile removers said in the caption.

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It is not currently known how or why the frogs had the snakes in their bums in the first place, and social media users were quick to share their theories.

“These types of frogs are notorious for eating literally anything they can fit into their mouth. It probably thought the snake was just a huge worm, and ate it,” one said.

“It was so long I suppose, that it kinda just went straight back out (I've seen fish eat long leaves off aquarium ornaments and have that happen),” said another.

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Social media users from across the internet were shocked by the grim scenes.

One Facebook user said: “That f*ckin frog is traumatised mate.”

Another joked: “No more 2 minute noodles for this frog.”


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