Spotify launches an update that transforms the way you listen to music

Spotify launches a MAJOR update that will transform the way you listen to music on your computer – here’s what you need to know

  • Spotify has given its desktop app a new makeover to give users more power
  • Users can now search with filters and pin playlists to the top of their screens
  • Information on artist tour dates and merchandise is also available on the app  

Spotify has launched a huge new update that can transform the way you listen to songs and podcasts on a computer.

The music giant has given its desktop app a whole new makeover in an effort to give users more power in the way they explore and organise content.

From now on, the app’s home page is laid out in three columns, with users able to to resize ‘Your Library’ and ‘Now Playing’ tabs in whichever way that suits them.

Listeners can use search filters to wade through their various playlists too, while also pinning their favourite tunes to the top of a screen.

‘We’re introducing a three-column design to make full use of your screen and give you unprecedented control,’ Spotify announced yesterday.

Spotify has given its desktop app a new makeover to give users more power when organising and exploring their music. This is laid out in a three-column design that it is also resizable

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Spotify launched its Niche Mixes maker that can create playlists based on any thing or activity

‘Explore your entire collection with search, filters and quickly jump back into favourites by pinning them for easy access.

‘The new desktop experience is the best way to explore, listen and curate music and podcasts on a computer or web browser.’

Within Spotify’s new design, ‘Your Library’ is displayed on the left, offering quick access to saved music and podcast collections.

It’s here that users can pin, drag and drop their songs and playlists to the top of a screen, making it even easier to find all-time favourites.

While desktop listeners once had to search through Spotify’s entire catalogue to find specific music, this is no longer the case.

Search filters can now be used in ‘Your Library’ to find content specific to you – adjustable to search for artists, podcasts and albums. 

On the right-hand column, users will find their ‘Now Playing’ view – clearly displaying what’s being listened to.

Alongside this, relevant tour dates and merchandise are displayed here too, allowing listeners learn more about their favourite artists.

On the left-hand side of the desktop menu, users can now pin their favourite content and search through their library using filters

On the right-hand side of the desktop app, users can not only view their ‘Now Playing’ content but can also view relevant merchandise and tour date information

Pictured: Spotify’s previous desktop homepage layout with ‘Your Library’ accessible on the left and ‘Now Playing’ at the bottom of the page


This view has replaced what was once the ‘Friends Activity’ bar which let users keep tabs on what other people were listening to.

But this is not gone for good, as users can now access this by tapping the ‘friends’ icon next to their profile picture in the top-right corner. 

Spotify added: ‘Together, the individually customisable design of these new views provides a richer experience, more context, and quicker access to personal favorites.’

The launch comes just months after the music giant also launched its Niche Mixes maker tool. 

This tool that creates personalised mixes to match almost any mood, activity or thing you can think of. 

Five to 10 of these mixes are updated on a daily basis, but the music giant also encourages users to hunt for other playlists – whether it be ‘Angry Running’ or something more bizarre like ‘Goblincore’.

Spotify said: ‘If you’re looking to get super specific, search for an activity, vibe, or aesthetic that describes the moment you’re in, and then add the word “mix” at the end. ‘Don’t be shy. Get creative. The more Mixes you search for, the more music you can discover.’ 


Go compact: In Spotify’s default mode, users will see just a view of their library. But this can be collapsed by clicking on the ‘Your Library’ option at the top right corner of the menu.

Search and filter: Prior to Spotify’s makeover, playlists could only be found by using the search bar on the desktop app. This meant that users often waded through Spotify’s entire library of content in addition to the content within your personal library. Now, filters can be used to toggle through content within the Your Library menu.

Customise: The Your Library and Now Playing menus can both be resized to whatever suits you.

Pin, drag and drop: All-time classics and favourite playlists can now be pinned to the top of Your Library on the desktop app.

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