SpaceX to launch 60 Starlink satellites into orbit – How to watch

SpaceX deploys 60 Starlink satellites into orbit

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is planning on launching another 60 Starlink satellites on a Falcon 9 rocket. The launch had been scheduled for Tuesday, February 2.

However, Mr Musk and co are already anticipating bad weather, and have such pushed the launch back a day.

The scheduled launch is no penned in for 10:57am on Wednesday, February 3.

SpaceX wrote on Twitter: “Due to rough weather in the recovery area, now targeting no earlier than Wednesday, February 3 at 5:57 a.m. EST for launch of Starlink.”

After Falcon 9 has delivered the satellites into space, it will then return to Earth and land on an installed platform in the sea off the coast of Florida.

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This is the 18th major Starlink launch and increases Starlink’s satellite presence to over 1,100 in orbit.

SpaceX will live-stream the event on its YouTube channel, with proceedings kicking off 15 minutes before launch time.

NASA said on its Kennedy Launch Center – where the launch will take place – website: “SpaceX is scheduled to launch the 18th mission of the constellation of networked satellites known as Starlink.

“The goal of Starlink is to create a network that will help provide internet services to those who are not yet connected, and to provide reliable and affordable internet across the globe.”

SpaceX has recently been given regulatory approval for the UK, meaning customers could begin signing up.

Mr Musk has plans to get thousands of satellites into orbit, meaning no one will have to go without broadband.

To receive the Starlink internet, users will have to have a satellite dish installed.

However, Ofcom has given approval for dishes to be installed across UK homes, Bloomberg confirmed.

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But Starlink will not come cheap to potential UK users.

The initial cost of having the hardware set up is £439, plus another £54 for shipping fees.

On top of this, users will have to pay a further £84 a month to receive Starlink’s broadband.

Mr Musk has goals to get 12,000 Starlink satellites into orbit by 2026.

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