Son of UK’s richest gypsy feared dad’s reaction to life-changing decision

The son of the UK’s richest gypsy has revealed that his billionaire dad would think he had “gone doolally” after converting to Islam.

Alfie Best Jr., son of billionaire gypsy Alfie Best Snr., revealed that he had made the massive religious change in September after riding his dad’s £4.5million Aston Martin helicopter from London to Cornwall for lunch at a five-star hotel.

One of his mates, who is white, told the group that he had to get back to London early because his mum was attending a mosque for The Shahada – declaring her faith in one God, Allah.

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“We were going for food afterwards so it was either sit outside in the car or take my shoes off and go into the mosque. My friend cried as he watched his mum take her Shahada,” hetold the Sun.

“And I felt something I haven’t experienced before in any religious place. As a gypsy, I’ve been in a lot of churches and I believe in God.

“It made my whole body tingle, like this is right for me.

“Something was trying to either contact me or something was trying to reach me.

“It was very, very strange but in a good way. I felt I belonged there.”

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He admitted he was worried what his dad, the billionaire gypsy known for his £1.2billion empire, would think.

“I thought my dad would look at me like I’d gone doolally. I let time be the judge and later I asked him ‘do you think it has made me a better person Dad?’

“He said, ‘no, because you weren’t a bad person anyway but it has enhanced you as a person’, which I think was a beautiful and brilliant way to explain it.”

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But despite this, his dad said: "I am sure in becoming a Muslim he will face further challenges but due to his background I know he has the strength to deal with the haters."

Alfie works as a professional boxer with two wins for both matches he has fought and owns a watch business.

While he used to sell tickets to boozy traveller parties and boxing matches, he no longer drinks and is not allowed to promote alcohol.

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On top of this, he is no longer allowed to wear gold as it is forbidden by Islam.

Despite the new rules he has to live by, he says he’s far more at peace than he ever was.

“I’m alive and my family is healthy, we’ve got food on the table to eat every day. Things seem to be so much better when I live life like it is a blessing.”


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