Solar ‘tsunami’ sparks radio blackout before storm makes direct Earth hit –radiation fears

Solar Storm: Weather chart shows global movement

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A solar storm has been brewing and is set for contact with the Earth’s magnetic sphere on March 31. 

A solar storm is a disturbance in particles thrown out by the electromagnetic eruptions of the sun.


It will comes as sunspot AR2975 erupted on March 28, triggering what is known as a solar flare.

Sunspots form at areas where magnetic fields are particularly strong, and appear as a dark patch on the Sun’s surface.

A solar flare is a sudden explosion of energy caused by tangling or crossing of magnetic field lines near sunspots.

According to, the blast tiggered a “solar tsunami” which came charging through the Sun’s atmosphere.

The M-4 class flare also sparked radio blackouts, according to space weather physicist Tamitha Skov. 

This comes ahead of the solar storm, which has been building before impact. 

Ms Skov tweeted: “Today’s M4-flare caused a R1 radio blackout and now a S1 radiation storm grows!”

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) explains that “solar radiation storms occur when a large-scale magnetic eruption, often causing a coronal mass ejection and associated solar flare, accelerates charged particles in the solar atmosphere to very high velocities.”

The NOAA’s Space Weather Scale ranks these from ,S1 – S5, lowest intesity to highest.

This is a breaking story. More to follow.

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