Snake-like UFO spotted again as mystery object ’emits energy beam’ over Washington

Alien enthusiasts were sent into a frenzy last month when a baffling UFO shaped like a snake appeared above the Mojave Desert in California.

Several weeks later, a similar object was spotted plunging from the sky before speeding off at breakneck speed over Colorado.

And now, a third “snake UFO” has been caught on camera.

The video shows a grey cylindrical shape hovering in the blue skies above Washington.

At first, it seems stretched out but then appears to move and reflect a bright beam of light.

“It’s the middle of the day, no clouds, some weird cylinder-looking thing with a flashing light on the end,” Athena, behind the camera, said.

“It’s not a balloon, it’s not a banner because there’s no plane.

“It’s just flat-up in the sky, it’s been moving positions.”

Athena sent the clip to YouTube conspiracy channel thirdphaseofmoon, who noticed a second object.

One user claimed to have spotted a second orb flying above the cylindrical shape.

“You can see another white orb…it is only captured once but it is extremely fast,” they wrote.

Another commented: “That’s incredible Blake. The last cylinder-shaped object looked like it was creating some sort of energy portal.”

But a third was less convinced, saying: “Swear that’s just a balloon.

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