‘Sixth sense’ leads Richard III discoverer to another dead king under a car park

The woman who found Richard III buried under a car park believes she has located another lost monarch – under another car park.

Author Philippa Langley used a "sixth sense" to guide her to King Richard’s final resting place beneath a Leicester parking lot in 2012.

And she now claims 12th century ruler Henry I could be under the tarmac at Reading Prison.

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She revealed the son of William the Conquerer may have been buried there after his death in 1135, when the site was still part of Reading Abbey.

Philippa, 60, said: “For a long time it was believed the grave was under a nursery school building, but from my research it looks like he is under the car park of Reading Prison, so it’s another king in a car park.

“And it looks like Henry is buried under the letter K for king, which would be hilarious.”

It comes after Richard’s body was discovered underneath the letter R, which was painted for a reserved parking space.

Philippa said she was drawn to the location by a feeling that shook her to her bones.

She added: “It had never happened before, that feeling I was walking on someone’s grave.

“Whenever I was standing in that area, I would get the feeling.

“It’s an interesting aspect of the story and I don’t know how to explain it.

“Scientists are interested in it. I believe there is research going on that looks at whether we, as humans, sometimes have a sixth sense.”

She revealed archaeologist Howard Carter had a similar feeling before he found Tutankhamum’s tomb in 1922.

And landowner Edith Pretty also spoke of premonitions before finding buried treasure at Sutton Hoo, Sussex, in 1939.

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Philippa said: “It would be interesting to see if the scientists can come up with something about that.

“It was the experience that changed my research focus and led to the Looking For Richard project and cutting the tarmac – it was the catalyst.”

Philippa was awarded an MBE for her role in the discovery and exhumation of Richard III.

She has written books, appeared in documentaries and was also portrayed in the 2022 drama file The Lost King.

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