Single bloke who went viral for his odd dinners in hospital with stomach problem

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A single bloke who went viral after he started sharing his bizarre dinners for one on Instagram has ended up in hospital with stomach problems.

Jason Jovanovic rose to fame when photos of his strange meals became overnight sensations with the 43-year-old posting photos of fish with bread and beans, ravioli with Yorkshire puddings and pork chops, and chilli con carne, fish fingers and chips.

He now faces surgery on his gall bladder after the Bonkers Competitions customer assistant from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, suffered a case of food poisoning which led to him getting an infection two months ago.

Following the news that he will have to go under the knife, Jason has now said he will be using his Instagram to show the doctors his diet to see if that has had an impact on his poor health after he lost "nearly a stone in weight", the Mirror reports.

He said: “I’m going to show the doctor my account so he can see my diet and ask him if the fatty foods have contributed to this.

“More than likely they have. I’ve lost nearly a stone in weight and I’m in a lot of pain.

“People on my Instagram have been really nice, lots of people have got in touch to ask me if I’m OK.”

Last month, Jason told the Mirror that he “didn’t understand the fuss” over his meals, which have earned him a following of 35,000 fans on Instagram.

The kitchen-shy singleton also admitted he’s “never been good” at cooking and prefers to knock something quick and convenient up after work.

He said: “I usually just make something out of whatever I’ve got in the cupboards and can pull together after work.”

But despite his stomach problems, Jason insists his Instagram account is not in jeopardy as he still won’t learn to cook.

Instead, he claimed: “I can’t see myself actually cooking anything or learning how to cook.

“I think I’ll just try and find something healthy that I can stick in the microwave.”

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