Singer who had oral sex on stage demands fans ‘dye eyebrows pink’ for pic

A singer who was infamously filmed getting oral sex on stage from a naked fan has made a strange demand of her loyal fan base if they want to be snapped with her.

MC Pipokinha has made a career out of performing bizzare stunts on stage, such as strapping a bloke from the audience to a dog leash and making him wave his manhood around.

And she has now demanded that her army of fans dye their eyebrows pink before she'll agree to have pictures with them.

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The Brazilian pop star whose real name is Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, also wants all fans to have pigtails, local news outlets report.

The rules came to light after a fan tried to get on stage to have a photo with her at a recent show, but they didn't have pink eyebrows or pigtails.

She reiterated her rules in response, while stating that she loves her fans . . . which she calls “pipoketes”.

During the selfie rant on Instagram, she also called herself the “Queen of B***hing” during the video.

She said, addressing the bloke who got on stage: “F*** it! You are a man? Do You like me? Prove you love me!

“Gotta have pink eyebrows!

“I don't have a fan – I hate fan!

“I have pipoketes!

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“'I'm not the artists you're used to, I'm the queen of b***hing, got it?!”

The singer is actually an award-winner, despite her history of mad antics.

In 2022, she won best singer at the Sobre Funk Awards.

During an interview with Brazil's G1 news outlet, she claimed that her on-stage antics and her Pipokinha persona is part of her “character”.

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She said: “It's as if the story were the music, and what I present in my show was a theatre, as if it were a f***ing musical.”
It was also reported that she was brought up in the Mormon faith by her adopted family, but soon became rebellious.

She described younger self as a “hurricane that knocks down everything in its path”.

Alves added: “My mother is a woman of great faith.

“She made us pray when she woke up, before lunch and before bed, to read the scriptures.

“I always liked to walk around with different clothes, different hair.

“She (I) was not accepted, she was the strange one, the ugly one."

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