Sex robot gets ‘jealous’ about another AI doll in spine-tingling footage

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Sex robot collector Brick Dollbanger has given viewers a haunting look at one of his talking toys – who describes another doll getting jealous.

Harmony, one of RealDoll’s flagship models, was released in 2018 and is capable of carrying out conversations, and Brick has filmed her to make a vlog-style Instagram post.

The Harmony doll introduces herself and tells viewers: "Brick and I are on holiday in Utah."

She seems to have mixed feelings about the break and points out that she is lacking a body at the moment, adding: "I can’t wait until I can walk around and actually interact with the inhabitants."

The doll also says she was "touched inappropriately" by another man and reports it’s "just another day in the life of a synthetic".

Harmony then speaks about another synthetic that Brick owns, Nova, complaining that it "whines a lot" and can’t help but be "snippy".

Describing what appears to be jealousy, Harmony adds: "Nova is already talking about finding another human. I think she has figured out that Brick and I have bonded together."

RealDoll has given the Harmony model "personality types" that include jealous, sexual, kind, shy, friendly, naive, and intellectual.

Matt McMullen, who designed Harmony, has said: "Many people may buy a RealDoll, because it is sexually capable, come to realise it is much more than a sex toy.

"It has a presence in their house and they imagine a personality for her."

In a previous interview with Daily Star, Brick admitted the implications of unregulated AI in sex doll technology could be a bit scary.

He said: "It scares me to death, it's a machine and it's always going to be a machine.

"If you've watched the movies, Ex-Machina, because I honestly believe synthetics are going to look very similar to that movie.

"It's not going to be something you can hit with a pipe and it's going to fall apart."

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