Seemingly-innocent Facebook pic show how close woman was from deadly danger

A woman shared a seemingly innocent photo on Facebook – but the image actually suggests she was moments away from potentially-deadly danger.

The woman, identified as Natalie, shared an image of her hair standing on end due to static electricity without any reason.

She was simply out for a walk on La Rocque beach in Jersey at the time and snapped a selfie after feeling “tingles” in her forehead and scalp.

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The bizarre sensation lasted for around 10 to 15 minutes and then stopped on August 24, as reported by LadBible.

Natalie also explained she could hear thunder on the French coast, implying she knew the strange feeling she was experiencing had something to do with a thunderstorm.

She didn’t think much of it until she posted the funny photo on social media and to a local Jersey weather group on Facebook.

The post quickly attracted attention as people began explaining what static meant in the comment section.

One person explained: "Just an FYI, if this happens again it's a signal that lighting is going to strike you.

“I find it bizarre that it's not more widely known/talked about in lightning safety. Glad you were okay."

Another added: "That's a sign of being in danger of being struck by lightning! You were very lucky that you weren't. Next time take cover!"

The publication added that according to First Aid Training Cooperative if your hair goes static it is an “early sign of an incoming lightning storm”.

Experts recommend getting out of the area and into a safe space if you experience the sensation.

Adding to follow the 30/30 rule: "If the time between seeing the flash of lightning and hearing the thunder is less than 30 seconds, take shelter.

“You are in a strike area. Remain in shelter for 30 minutes after the last flash of lightning.

"Signs of an imminent strike are your hairs standing on end, blue haloes around objects or a crackling noise in the air”.

In its own post about lightning safety, the site adds: "If your hair stands on end, lightning is about to strike you. Drop to your knees and bend forward but don't lie flat on the ground. Wet ground is a good conductor of electricity."

After Facebook users shared their concerns with Natalie, she responded to one poster to admit she started to 'get a little nervous' as the strange feeling continued and 'headed higher up the beach' to try and stay safe.

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