School outrage after removing toilet cubicle doors in to ‘combat misbehaviour’

Parents and officials have decried a "violation of human rights" after management at a high school removed toilet cubicle doors in a bid to curb "misbehaviour".

The move, at New Norfolk High School, near Hobart, in Tasmania, Australia, obviously didn't go down well, and one parent started a petition against it – gaining nearly 500 signatures so far.

Students returned to the school this week after summer holidays and were met with the change that also included removing toilets, leaving just one and creating a 30-minute wait time, according to one parent.

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"Students should most definitely have access to a toilet in a timely manner, due to general use, sickness, health conditions," the petition, from Kristy Bracken, read.

"This was done in an attempt to stop smoking or vaping in toilet cubicles, however this is also a massive violation of human rights.

"(They) should not be being penalised in an attempt to curb bad behaviour of a minority."

Local mayor Michelle Dracoulis shared Kristy's concerns, saying that the move was a breach of human rights.

"I will be contacting the school. Our kids have a human right to access bathroom facilities when they need them," she said.

"I understand there will be reasons the school has taken this step, but there needs to be another way found to address those issues."

Another mum said she contacted the prinicpal of the school and "his reasoning was deplorable and full of lies".

She later said that a door had been put back onto the cubicle after the uproar.

The Department of Education released a statement on Friday saying access to toilets would be 'increased' by Tuesday.

"The department has closely monitored operations at the school today and will continue to do so until the situation is rectified," it read.

"The department apologises to the students and families of New Norfolk High School."

The Department of Education and the school have been contacted for comment.

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