Russian hard man soldier with bow and arrow gets mocked mercilessly online

A bow and arrow-wielding Russian soldier has been mocked online for his unusual weapon choice.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday (December 3), adviser to Ukraine's minister of internal affairs Anton Gerashchenko posted images of the soldier during a strong reaction from the internet.

The images were first shared on Telegram in November but have reached new levels of exposure following Gerashchenko’s post.

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Standing in an empty field the soldier points his weapon to the sky in a show of strength, his spare arrows hanging menacingly off his side.

But any menace intended seems to have been lost on Ukraine and indeed the people of the internet.

Gerashchenko said: "A photo of a Russian soldier from Bashkiriya at war in Ukraine is shared by Russian Telegram channels.

“He is armed with bow and arrows. He also has a rifle just in case. Is there a cavalry riding somewhere?"

According to Newsweek, local Telegram channels report the soldier is from Russia’s Republic of Bashkortostan.

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A video of him firing his arrows has also emerged, posted by the original user with the caption: “One Russian soldier from Bashkortostan won't need to worry about having a rusty weapon or faulty ammunition: he's gone to Ukraine with his bow and arrow.

“No news yet on whether swords and spears will be making an appearance.”

In the various comments sections, people have been offering quips about the strange weapon choice, including one person who posted an image of a massive modern sniper rifle with the caption “Ukrainian Bow and Arrow.”

Historian Alexander Stoyanov simply said: “When you've watched Avatar one too many times".

Another user said: “It's not the bow that would concern me, it's the whole taking holiday pictures in an open field during an armed conflict.

“Seriously though, I keep seeing Russian forces operating with no cover and presumably little training."

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