Richard Dawkins fury: How atheist hit out at religion’s ‘pathetic bid to trump science’

Often called the Godfather of atheism, Professor Richard Dawkins found his own in the field of evolutionary biology. Following several successful books in his field of study, Prof Dawkins published a series of titles attempting to disprove the notion of a god.

Hours of footage of him and religious leaders and believers arguing over the subject can be found online – the most famous during a talk show where he shut down the lead singer of US band, The Killers, Brandon Flowers’, belief in Mormonism.

During an interview with The Sun in March, Prof Dawkins covered subjects spanning Brexit, liberalism, Islam and, of course, religion versus science.

When challenged with the question of how DNA formed from such an ethereal beginning – the Big Bang – the scientist explained the burgeoning theory of RNA having originated as the simpler form of DNA.

Although the scientific proposition is in its early stages, there are several indicators to suggest its truth.

RNA is a polymeric molecule essential in various biological roles in coding, decoding, regulation, and expression of genes.

Along with DNA, RNA is a nucleic acid, constituting major macromolecules essential for all known forms of life.

Of this, Prof Dawkins said: “RNA is rather like DNA, it has the same sort of sequence of similar bases.

“It is now a mediator between DNA and protein – it is the vital mediator.”

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After explaining the intricacy of RNA and how it acts as a jump between the Catch-22 of the development of DNA, The Sun’s Steven Edginton asked: “It’s interesting because you’ve come up with a fantastically interesting scientific explanation.

“But, religious people may say ‘well science can’t give a serious answer to that question yet, therefore it must have been a god or intelligent design.”

Prof Dawkins replied: “That is a pathetic lack of logic.

“Science of course has gaps in it and those gaps are waiting to be solved.


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“But to say because science has a gap therefore religion can fill that gap is utter nonsense – religion hasn’t the faintest idea how to fill that gap.

“At least science is working on the problem.

“You cannot say ‘we have here two possible ideas, A and B: A has an enormous amount of success under its belt but there are little gaps still remaining to be filled; B has absolutely nothing going for it, but because there’s a gap in A’s understanding, therefore B must fill it – utterly illogical.”

Asides from taking aim at religion, Prof Dawkins too criticised David Cameron for calling the Brexit referendum vote four years ago.

A staunch Remainer, the scientist called Mr Cameron “irresponsible” for placing a yes or no vote on a decision of such weight.

He said: “What I think about Brexit is that it was wrong to determine the future of our country and of Europe for the long term, for decades, maybe even for longer, on the basis of one vote, on one day, in June 2016.

“When people change their minds, if you look at the opinion polls they fluctuate all the time.

“If you take a vote one day, that’s all very well we do that in general elections but we know that at the most, five years, we can have another go, we can change our minds again.

“This was an incredibly irresponsible decision by David Cameron.

“I’m not talking about whether Brexit itself is right or wrong, but the decision to allow a referendum on such a momentous thing, a long-term thing, on one day, to be decided by the entire electorate rather than in a representative democracy by Parliament was an irresponsible decision he took because he thought he’d win.

“He thought Remain would win, he was confident it would win.

“He was simply trying to see off the Ukip wing of his own party.

“It was a very very irresponsible thing for Cameron to do and we’re going to live with the consequences for decades.”

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