Remote northern seaside ‘Turdtown’ plagued by filthy ‘luminous diarrhoea sludge’

A Northern seaside town so polluted its water looks like “luminous caramel diarrhoea sludge”.

The “isolated” town of Whitehaven in Cumbria featured on the YouTube channel Turdtowns, which named it among the county's worst places.

The neighbourhood was described by the channel as having “potential”… if the council can turn its many issues around.

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From the bright orange water and outdated gaming centres to the smashed-up wrecked buildings and crumbling Lido beside a broken-down pub.

Speaking in the video, they said: “Whilst it no longer seems like it’s a haven for anything judging by the state of the place, the key word here is potential.

“I can see that they are trying here, they haven’t given up hope, and believe it or not they were actually some tourists here around the harbour area.”

They continued: “The place contains lots of smashed-up, wrecked buildings but many of them have notices stuck to them advising that they will soon be transformed into something”.

Whitehaven will be receiving money after Cumbria was awarded £60 million pound as part of a levelling up scheme.

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The clip continued: “So the places can be fixed up although I do feel like a gaming centre is probably 10 years behind the times.

“Why do so many seaside towns have smashed up Lidos that the council can’t seem to improve considering this is smack bang in the tourist area, it doesn’t set a good impression for visitors.

“Why is there also a broken-down pub next to it? Wouldn’t surprise me if people had a few whiskeys and went swimming here in the olden days.”

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They claimed it is “not too late” for the place, which has positives including being on the water, impressive architecture, and friendly people.

They continued: “I don’t hate it here, what I do hate is this filthy orange water, what would even cause this? It’s another issue holding this place back, this is one of the first things the tourists are going to see.

“Sort this pollution out, maybe Whitehaven could offer boat tours for the tourists but until then I’m not going anywhere near this luminous caramel diarrhoea sludge.

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“If you want to live in the up-and-coming town of Whitehaven you could do that for the average house price of £160,000.

“Jobs in this area are sometimes a problem but Whitehaven itself isn’t too bad, it has the Sellafield nuclear site not too far away and it also is set to have the first new coal mine in the UK since 1986 which depending on which way you’re looking at it is either moving the town forwards or going backwards”.

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