Remains of ‘real-life Loch Ness Monster’ uncovered in Antarctica

It is part of the plesiosaur group of dinosaurs – a family of some of the largest sea creatures to have ever lived.

Jose O’Gorman, a paleontologist from Argentina, told National Geographic: “For years it was a mystery … we didn’t know if they were Elasmosaurs or not.

“They were some kind of weird plesiosaurs that nobody knew.”

“We don’t have a skull, but we have a lot of pieces of the specimen.”

The research team that unearthed the amazing fossil say they believe the Elasmosaur survived on a diet of crustaceans and small fish based on the size of its teeth.

The aquatic dinosaur has previously been dubbed a “real-life Loch Ness Monster” due to the similarities in their suggested appearances.

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