Real-life ‘Mowgli’ girl raised with dogs walks on all fours and steals kibble

A baby has been given the nickname of “Mowgli” after being raised by six German Shepherds.

However, this is not like the story of Zanziman Ellie who did actually live in the jungle after fleeing from his village due to bullying.

Youngster River Shell is the daughter of US-based 31-year-old Ashley – the owner of the pack of dogs.

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And it is those dogs – Meeka, Kai, Ryker, Koba, Brenna and Roma – who have been helping to raise the girl.

When she was first born, her mum admits to worrying about the dogs “accepting” her as if she was one of her own.

But now, in a clip shared by Ashley, River is first seen as a helpless newborn with the animals surrounding her curiously, before she is more recently filmed playing with their water bowl.

The cute tot likes to sit in their crate and play with her toys and even sneakily tries to eat their food “any chance she gets” – with footage capturing Ashley appearing to have to fish around in her mouth to retrieve some kibble.

After sharing the clip on TikTok, Ashley's video attracted more than 9.1million views and more than 2million likes and comments.

Ashley, from Tulsa, said: "When she was around eight months old, she started watching them and trying to copy what they were doing.

"She loves playing in their water if we forget to pick it up and she tries to sneak dog food any chance she gets.

"She recently started trying to follow them out the doggy door.

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"Before she was born, I was a little nervous about how they’d be since they never had been around a baby before.

"They were very gentle and curious from the start and accepted her into the family.

"River usually smiles at them when she sees them and goes to give them a hug or kiss. She tries to say their names."

"River's still learning to be gentle around them by petting and hugging them."

After the clip was posted on social media, some viewers joked about her having a 'great immune system' – while others saw the comparison with Rudyard Kipling's Mowgli character.

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One viewer said: "She will have a great immune system. I think it's awesome!"

Another follower said: "That's the cutest thing I've ever seen."

A fellow dog owner said: "Not the Mowgli walk."

Another mum said: "A what a happy lovely baby she is."

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