Randy couple stun train passengers as bloke caught with his ‘head up her skirt’

A randy couple were caught engaging in some outrageous behaviour on a train, with a bloke pictured with his head up a woman's skirt.

The shameless pair stunned train passengers in Shanghai, China, with the girl seen straddling her fella's head in the corner of the carriage.

He took up a sitting position below her and appeared to have both his head and hands up under her clothes, their bags dumped on the floor next to him.

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We can only speculate as to exactly what he was doing up there – although most people seemed to have arrived at the same racy conclusion.

Despite the woman facing the corner in a half-hearted effort to go unnoticed, passengers on the Dalian Metro in Liaoning Province quickly whipped out their phones and photographed the lewd encounter.

It comes just days after a similar encounter was captured on video at a train station in the UK.

TikTok user Marie Lumiere was stepping off her train from London to Birmingham New Street earlier this week when she stumbled across a woman performing oral sex on a man in open view of anyone in the station.

"POV: You've just got off the train at Birmingham New Street," was the caption on her now-viral video.

"This place isn't real. This place is not real," she said in the clip. "It's 10 o'clock in the morning. It's literally 10 o'clock."

She added: "Not the 'Welcome to Birmingham' starter pack coming in clutch."

"I physically can't bring myself to be surprised and the fact I expect that sort of stuff in Birmingham scared me," one comment on the video read.

Another person said: "I was supposed to visit Birmingham in July…but no thanks."

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