Ranch owner claims Bigfoot snuck onto her land and she caught it on camera

A ranch owner thinks Bigfoot has broken onto her land before being snapped by a camera, but others think she may be nuts.

The woman, from Mendocino County, Northern California, was posting in the r/Bigfoot subreddit, appearing to claim that a sasquatch had made its way onto her and her husband's ranch in a sasquatch hotspot.

First she posted an image of what appears to be a large footprint in the snow she found while out hunting with her husband.

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"My husband and I were up in Northern California on our last hunt of the year and found this, found some others as well. It measured about 15 inches," she wrote.

"It was going into a dense forest. It’s on a private ranch, no in and outs to the public."

The woman later updated keen followers on the thread with more information and pictures from her trail camera. She added that her other camera, that she stationed up high, was "completely missing".

She said: "Again, behind locked gates. private ranch, no public access. nobody could wander in accidently. I am open to debunking and other thoughts.

"I believe but I don't want to make something out of nothing. I just don't have an explanation. also, lights, wood knocking and whoops [were heard]."

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Alongside the paragraph were several photos, two of a grey and furry creature right up in the camera lens, and one of a 'footprint' with large bullets beside it for size reference.

Debunking the mystery the first post garnered, many people thought the creature was in fact a squirrel having seen the grey fur.

"To me the first two pictures look like a squirrel possibly jumping in front of the camera. The second especially looks like the beginning of a tail on the left hand side and the tip of the tail curling back down on the right," was the comment from one of many people in the squirrel camp.

Fifty-nine years ago, a group of children playing in the Mendocino County woods allegedly encountered Bigfoot. They said it was 8ft tall and hairy.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a group founded in 1995, has collected over a dozen sightings of sasquatch in Mendocino County.


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