RAF’s new £533m anti-missile system can spot and wipe out Putin’s nukes in seconds

Ukraine: Vladimir Putin launches missile in warning

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Two months on from when Russian forces first invaded Ukraine, victory still appears to be far from Vladimir Putin’s grasp. The intense resistance from Ukrainian troops has irked the Russian leader, who reportedly wanted the war to end by May 9. Should Ukraine turn the tide and win over Russia, general Vincent Desportes warned that Putin would rather hit the nuclear button than lose the war.

Speaking to French broadcaster LCI, army general Vincent Desportes warned: “As much as we must be totally firm with Vladimir Putin, we must also be aware that if he is ever at the end of his rope, that is to say, if the Russian army is on the verge of total defeat, he will inevitably use nuclear weapons.

“We have never seen a tyrant, a dictator give in at the end when he had important military capabilities.”

In order to protect the UK against nuclear threats like these, the Government has purchased a Ballistic Missile Defense Radar and Command and Battle Management and Communications equipment would be able to spot and eliminate the incoming missile immediately.

However, as part of a cost-saving measure, this £533million project will not be rolled out fully until 2029.

While the UK hasn’t acquired the new Ballistic Missile Defence Radar yet, it currently has one already set up at RAF Fylingdales.

Should Putin make good on his threats and launch a nuclear missile toward the UK, Britain’s Sky Sabre, a ground-based missile defence unit, would be able to intercept it.

Last December, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced that it had launched an “advanced detect and destroy defence system” known as the Sky Sabre.

The MoD noted that this system comes equipped with three “key components”, allowing it to operate in 15km of “battlespace”.

The first, a Giraffe Agile Multi-Beam 3D medium-range surveillance radar, allows it to rotate 360 degrees from an extending mast out to 120km while seeking threats.

The radar also comes equipped with a computing system linked to a radar that controls the beam and guides missiles to their targets.

The system can share the information across the RAF and Royal Navy, and beyond to NATO officials.

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Each Common Anti-Air Modular Missile (CAMM) weighs 99kg and can reach speeds up to 2,300mph, capable of intercepting incoming hypersonic ballistics.

In theory, it could destroy objects as small as a tennis ball travelling at super or hypersonic speeds.

The launchers come equipped with eight missiles each, capable of “multi-directional” deployment.

They could fire up to 24 missiles simultaneously and guide them to 24 separate locations.

These features make the Sky Sabre “unprecedented in speed, accuracy, performance and target acquisition.”

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