Putin’s hardmen caught ‘wasting rocket ammunition’ to make viral Ukraine videos

Vladimir Putin's troops have been seen smiling and laughing as they 'waste ammunition' in a viral video.

The footage, which was posted to the r/ukraine subreddit, caused an uproar online after showing several Russian mercenaries aimlessly firing rocket launchers and machine guns at nearby buildings.

However, there appears to be no oncoming fire towards them.

Now, the post which has over 9,500 upvotes has hundreds of comments from people who have slammed their antics and even compared Russian troops to ISIS.

One user said: "It's a PR army. They are just there to promote war. And claim they did something if Russia wins."

Another wrote: "When you order you ISIS from Wish."

A third commented: "Kadyrovites are seriously f*cking dumb as mud. Absolute cowards would p*ss themselves in real combat."

A fourth quipped: "Meanwhile, back in Moscow…Vladimir's Pooping."

A fifth added: "I love how right before it cuts out you had a misfire, and the guy runs up with the tube down and the fucking projectile just slides out… I’m hoping this was a self-solving issue right here."

Vladimir Putin, and many around the globe, thought the war with Ukraine would be over quickly after he ordered one of the most powerful militaries in the world to suppress their smaller neighbour to the south.

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However, a series of miscalculations and huge gaffes – as well as staunch Ukrainian resistance – has seen the conflict rumble on for over a month now.

A US official said on Tuesday that Putin's forces are "taking incredible losses," putting the number at over 10,000 troops.

However, reports suggest that the situation for those still battling is still bleak, with out-of-date field rations, military blunders and soldiers forced to eat dogs to survive.

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