Putin warned that West will ‘decisively and directly’ attack Russia if red line crossed

Putin 'isn't aware of the chaos in the army' says Russian citizen

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Russia has already been accused of committing war crimes in Ukraine as troops continue to unleash havoc amid the brutal invasion. As well as killing civilians in the town of Bucha, Russians have also been accused of using horrific white phosphorus bombs on civilians. While the use of these weapons is not illegal, Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a weapons expert from Cambridge University, said that if these weapons get used on civilians, it should be considered a war crime.

He told Express.co.uk: “Phosphorus bombs are usually artillery shells or mortar bombs and are designed for illumination at night and smoke screens during the day.

“In this role there are completely legal. However, they are also incredibly incendiary and set fire to almost anything in their path.

“They have been used in Syria to burn towns and villages in a medieval scorched earth policy. Civilians have also been attacked with phosphorus which caused terrible burns and sometimes death.

“It seems pretty clear that Russia is using phosphorus extensively in Ukraine and if using against civilians which seems likely this is a war crime.”

And he urged the West to respond to these crimes, as he fears Russia might resort to the use of weapons that are illegal to use.

Mr de Bretton-Gordon said: “It would appear that Russian soldiers may be committing many crimes apart from just using Phosphorus.

“We must make it clear that all breaches of the Geneva Convention and all war crimes will be extensively and exhaustively investigated and the perpetrators will be tried in the International Criminal Court.

“It appears a relatively small step to move to chemical weapons and tactical nuclear weapons and the West must make it absolutely clear to Putin, his generals and his soldiers that we will decisively attack, directly attack Russian targets if these dreadful and illegal weapons are used.”

Under the 1925 Geneva Protocol, the use of chemical and biological weapons in war is prohibited.

This comes after Russia was accused of using two “false flags” to try and justify an attack with nuclear and chemical weapons.

In May, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu alleged that there is a “real risk” Ukraine might develop nuclear weapons.

In the same meeting, he also brought up the claim that first surfaced in March, that “a network of more than 30 biological laboratories involved in the US military biological programme was created [in Ukraine]”.

Mr de Bretton-Gordon said that both these claims were likely “false flag nonsense that Russia could use to justify using their own CBRN”.

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The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure defines CBRN as “the abbreviation commonly used to describe the malicious use of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear materials or weapons with the intention to cause significant harm or disruption”.

Mr de Bretton-Gordon was not the only expert concerned that Moscow may be trying to use false flags to justify a horrific attack.

Following the Russian Foreign Ministry’s claim that the US was carrying out a biological weapons programme near the Ukraine-Russia border, Tobias Elwood, also a former Army captain, said it was a”despicable pretext that Russia may use to justify their own chemical or biological attack in Ukraine”.

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