Psychic predicts Euros 2020 champion after vision while shopping in Sainsbury’s

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A psychic who claims he predicted the Covid pandemic and Donald Trump losing the November 2020 US presidential election believes England will be triumphant in the Euro 2020 final.

Nicolas Aujula, a hypnotist and psychic astrologer, was shopping in 2019 when he saw the words 'England winning' in a vision.

"It came to me whilst I was in Sainsbury's shopping, I often get these visions in the most random places though my bathroom is the most common place.

"I don't follow football as it's not a personal interest so to see these images play out in my mind of a football team winning and there being jubilation was quite exhilarating yet surprising, so I knew this was of significance and not a random thought."

Nicolas has also seen visions of two players scoring goals and believes the number seven could be significant in someway.

Number 7 is the squad number of Aston Villa's Jack Grealish who has lit up the competition and is a firm favourite with fans..

The psychic, who remembers being an Egyptian Queen in a past life, believes that England fans must still play their part to push the team to victory.

According to Nicolas fans must harness the strength of the ancient mystical powers of the pyramid that can help create positive energy, vitality and success.

“Close your eyes, then begin to visualise the England football team on the pitch with a glow of light around them and the words England Euro Win, hold this image for 30 seconds," Nicolas recommends.

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"Begin to see a massive pyramid emerge around them in your mind filled with red and orange light, see the words England Euro Win, hold that image for 30 seconds.

"Visualise them scoring goals and winning the tournament, feel the elation and applause, see the words England Euro Win, hold the image for 30 seconds”.

Nicolas, who is a London based hypnotherapist and past life regression expert, has possessed mystic visions since he was a child, and would often sense his father, who tragically died when he was a baby.

Nicolas claims his visions have helped him predict major world events – with his 2019 predictions envisaging earthquakes in China and Cuba, a mass London cabbie strike, a scandal involving a public figure named Justin and Taylor Swift's engagement.

He said: "When I look back at 2019, the things I said at the start compared with events that happened throughout are quite eye-opening.

"For example, on June 17, months after my vision, there was a severe earthquake in Southern China where 13 people died."

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