Private schools in Spain

Secondary education in private schools in Spain is completely paid for both Spaniards and foreign children.

International Private Schools can choose which curriculum they operate on: Spanish, British, American, French, International, German, etc. Secondary private schools in Spain operate on dual programs (English-Spanish). Classes are held in two languages, 2 certificates of secondary education are issued – Spanish, English. In addition to a special training program, among the advantages of private schools are the opportunity to study in small classes and the best material equipment of the school.

Also in Spain, sports academies are popular, which combine professional sports preparation in football, tennis, equestrian sports and one of the curricula adopted in each specific school. For example, the tennis academy in Barcelona Academia Sanchez-Casal collaborates with the private school ES International school, where the training is based on the American education system. Graduates of this school go mainly to the best sports universities in the United States.

If the school operates, for example, according to the British / American system, then some of the subjects from the Spanish education system are still present in the curriculum. And at the end of school, children receive 2 diplomas: Spanish and British / American (A-level, SAT) or an International Baccalaureate diploma, with which you can enroll in almost any university in the world.


Private schools in Spain offer accommodation with host families or residences for foreign children whose parents are in their home country. Children live and study at school at full board and go home during the holidays.

The level of education is high and many private schools in Spain are included in the ranking of the best secondary schools.

What document will a child receive upon graduation from a private school in Spain?

At the end of the course, each student must pass final exams in order to receive a certificate of complete secondary education (Título de Bachiller).

In addition to the Spanish certificate, depending on the curriculum and accreditation of the school, a graduate can receive a diploma from an American, French, German or British high school.

For example, there are schools that prepare for American exams and obtaining an American high school diploma. Such a diploma is recognized not only by US universities, but by most of the world’s universities.

Other private schools prepare students for the GCSE program and provide the opportunity to obtain a British high school diploma.

Tuition fees of studying at private schools in Spain

The cost of training in private schools depends on the prestige of the educational institution, on the age of the child, on the form of education (with or without accommodation).

Tuition fees without accommodation:

  • Primary school: from 3000 to 7000 € / year;
  • Secondary and high school from 8000 to 25000 € / year

Additional services: registration fee, deposit, accommodation, school uniforms, events, health insurance, study materials.

Also, private schools in Spain pay great attention to the development of personal qualities and creative abilities of each child, the development of the emotional side of the personality, empathy, and tolerance. Children are prepared for life in a multicultural, cosmopolitan and multilingual world, they teach teamwork skills, develop analytical thinking, etc. Sports and hobbies also play an important role.

In a word, a private school in Spain is a guarantee that your child will receive a quality education that will become an excellent base for adult life.

King’s College, The British School of Alicante is an excellent British school in Spain, one of the best on the Costa Blanca. It is part of King’s College, The British School of Madrid, founded in 1969. The philosophy of the school is based on the principle that not only comprehensive education is important, but also on the development of personal qualities and talents of each student. The school is equipped with the latest technology. She made it her goal to create the ideal conditions for the successful learning of every child, and today she is doing an excellent job with this task.