Possible Bigfoot tracks ‘lack claw marks of bear’ and have internet in meltdown

A hiker reckons they may have found some actual Bigfoot tracks, and internet users are going back and forth over whether they are real.

Two images of the supposed Sasquatch footprint were shared to Reddit page r/Bigfoot, the "home of all things Bigfoot" according to its description.

The snaps, taken in Georgia, US, show a clear and deep imprint in the mud, with the hiker's shoe placed next to it to offer some sense of scale.

Although the original poster didn't reveal their shoe size, their foot is at most two thirds as long as the monster footprint.

The images have split the community of Bigfoot enthusiasts, with many saying the hiker may have made a historic discovery.

One person wrote: "Looks legit to me. At first I thought it might be a bear but it lacks the claw marks that would be obvious in soft ground like that."

To which someone else replied: "That was my thought as well."

"Fresh squatch trax," added another.

However, others offered an interesting theory suggesting that it could still be a bear track.

One said: "I will go with bear track. Bears often walk with the front and rear paws landing in the same spot which will look like one big print. In the middle of the track you can see where the two paws overlap."

A second agreed: "It looks more like two impressions overlaid to me (the second one outlined on the left by the L-shaped stalk of dry vegetation)…but I can see how it resembles the stereotypical print, so I don’t blame you for suspecting it might be Bigfoot. It’s certainly worth photographing and asking about."

Another group of people didn't think it was a bear or a Bigfoot, but rather something much less exciting.

"Those strong edges, and that sheen of underlying moisture make me wonder if this might have been a rock that was moved," one person said.

"It looks like something rested there for a long time after being pushed into it and some condensation pooled underneath it.

"There is a better than good chance that I am wrong, but this looks familiar."

Tentatively agreeing, a second person added: "To me it kind of looks like there was a big rock there that got moved , the second picture looks like it could be something but i will be honest i’m a city boy i don’t know anything about that stuff."

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