‘Possible Bigfoot tracks’ found that dwarf length and width of size 13 shoe

The internet is in frenzy over a new picture of possible Bigfoot tracks, dwarfing the length and width of a size 13 shoe.

The image was shared to Reddit page r/Bigfoot where the poster explained they had taken the snap in southern Indiana, US while crossing a creek.

Two large footprints can be seen pressed an inch or two into the mud and rocks under the water of the creek. The print that is centre frame is roughly twice the length and width of the poster's shoe.

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Giving a bit more context in the comments section, they explained that there were three of four similar steps.

They wrote: "Got stoned and was walking through the woods with a buddy when we came across it. Had to take a picture to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating lol."

Some people were convinced that they were looking at the real deal. One wrote: "That is certainly a bigfoot."

Another, theorising as to why the prints would be in the creek, said: "Squatch [sasquatches] eat crayfish and other creek dwelling yumminess so they stand in the shallow parts picking at such so that would explain the close prints."

Others, although saying that the find was certainly interesting, pointed to a much more likely explanation for the footprints.

"It looks like the swirling water has eroded out a couple of natural indentions that are slightly foot shaped," one said.

Another said: "If it's a stone creekbed, that would prevent anything, even something as big as (presumably) a sasquatch, from leaving any prints.

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"As for being fossil prints, the age of the rock probably precludes it from being a fossil print caused by any mammal, let alone a hominid.

"I'd have to say random shaped hole in the rock unless you have photos of a series of the things in what is clearly a pattern of successive steps."

Another argued that the footprints were too perfectly aligned. They joked: "Either bigfoot failed a sobriety test or I'm calling bulls***."


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