‘Possessed’ laughing toy found in abandoned 1800s mental institution

A woman has filmed the moment she found a "possessed" toy in an abandoned mental institution that dates back to the 1800s.

The terrifying footage has rattled TikTok users with its exploration of the over-200-year-old structure, with the allegedly possessed toy sitting right in the middle of the property.

Urban explorer Gabby, 24, found the doll and recorded it for her 1.5 million TikTok followers who were creeped out by the find, which Gabby made alongside her boyfriend Sonny, 25, and friend Dan.

The trio, from the US, made the chilling discovery when exploring the now-abandoned mental institution, whose location has not been disclosed.

The school was allegedly shut down after multiple lawsuits stating patient mistreatment, with Gabby saying there was "severe decay" throughout the building.

Vandalism, powdered asbestos, debris on the floor and peeling paint were frequently spotted, but in one room Gabby found a small pink horse figurine from the My Little Pony franchise.

In the clip Gabby filmed, the toy can be seen sitting on a red table and shaking its head rapidly while laughing.

Gabby said: "It just started and we did not touch anything. It's been sitting here for years, so how the hell did that battery last?"

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The clip, which was captioned "I don't think we were alone" racked up 690,000 likes and had plenty of users weighing in on the haunted toy, with one saying they would have "burned the place" down.

Gabby said: "We were immediately terrified and I decided to capture it on my phone since we were struggling to debunk what was occurring.

"I had also decided to hold on to the girl's patient file that we had discovered earlier since I knew it was one of the last documents present in this location which deserved to be preserved.

“This made me question if there was possibly a connection between me making contact with a young girl's file and then being interacted with by a toy that she likely would have loved to play with."

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