Plastic surgery obsessed ex-Russian soldier ‘Popeye’ becomes ‘an alien’

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A former Russian soldier who turned himself into a "fake Popeye" with petroleum jelly injections says he has now "completed" face altering procedures to make him look like an "alien".

Kirill Tereshin, 25, has been told his life is in danger from bicep enlargements, taken to make the ex-soldier look like "superman".

He continued with a series of plastic surgeries, boosting his lips, filling his cheeks and "shaping" his lower jaw and forehead with a series of surgeries.

Tereshin recently boasted in a video showing off his newly acquired face that he "looks like an aliens' face" and spoke of how this will help him meet aliens when he dies.

A female beautician by the name of Zara carried out the cosmetic face transformations, which cost Tereshin a hefty £3,600.

But the 25-year-old received the surgeries because he "once saw a flying saucer" and believes that he will meet extra-terrestrials after he dies.

Tereshin said: "I feel that when I die, I will get to them. I believe in this. The third transformation of my face is complete – successfully. How beautiful it is. Everything is done as it should be."

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The ex-soldier continued: "It is all going according to plan. What a handsome male I am. Damn…if I was a girl, I'd shag myself."

Instead of spinach, fake Popeye opted instead for petroleum jelly injections that bolstered his biceps to dangerously huge levels.

Despite admitting he will need surgery this year to remove the lumps of hardened petroleum jelly and dead muscle in his biceps, Tereshin went ahead with more surgery elsewhere.

The dangerous implants themselves have already been removed, but Tereshin, nicknamed "Bazooka" in his homeland, has been warned that he risks nerve damage during the removal.

Tereshin could be left with immobilised arms after the procedure, but has been told that without the operation, he could die.

Surgeon Dmitry Melnikov said: "The risk of complications in this case is very high. But inaction will not help the patient. A toxic substance in the body long term can complicate the kidneys and lead to death."

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After his triceps' surgery, Tereshin revealed that he was "very afraid" about going under the knife once again to have the hardened jelly removed from his biceps.

Tereshin is said to have been persuaded to "save his life" and remove the implants by famed Russian WAG Alana Mamaeva, who campaigns for victims of botched plastic surgery.

The recent surgery received by Tereshin has been ridiculed by online criticism, with harsh comments saying the 25-year-old looked like popular comic book character the Joker.

Some comments from the public on the new procedure included "You look like The Joker from one of the first Batman movies" and "You become a freak and you'll be doomed for life."

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