People who had last laugh with eyebrow-raising messages on gravestones

While most people go for traditional gravestones that simply serve as a sombre memorial to the departed soul, there are some out there who want the people coming to pay respects to get a little chuckle out of the experience.

Whether it's because they have a conveniently funny name, or a perhaps even the circumstances of how they died, some people want their tombstones to be hilarious.

They do however serve their purpose very well, as no one who visits these gravestones will ever forget the experience.

Here are a few that the Mirror found:

1. A risk taker

Quite the question posed to cemetery visitors. This particular gravestone is the work of a tombstone designer residing in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

2. They did tell you

It's a classic for a reason. We like this one because it's straight to the point, while offering that comical edge. It can also be perceived as the ultimate 'I told you so' moment. Honestly, we wish we had this level of confidence required to sport such a bold gravestone.

3. A rising star

If you've got an interesting name then why not use it to your advantage. This 'punny' play on words is great, we just hope he was a baker in a previous life.

4. Only speaking the truth

This example can be found at the Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park, Westwood, California.

Now, although we do not know Merv personally, the clever wording creates quite the impression. He sounds like he would have been a fun guy, never taking life to seriously, and to that we say, good on you Merv.

5. Could this scream 2021 any more than it does?

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Okay admittedly this gravestone is an artist's conception of a humorous headstone but with the power that social media holds in 2021, we don't think it's too far fetched of a concept. It pokes fun at the 'popularity' associated with social media and maybe just maybe, it shows us how insignificant the likes we so desperately reach for truly are.

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