Only two percent of people can spot the key to this puzzle

Examples of these include optical illusions and brain teasers. These improve the brain’s ability to interpret and perceive visual information accurately.

Some of these puzzles can help someone train their brain and make it healthier. However, a new brain teaser has left many baffled, with only two percent able to solve it within 18 seconds.

Posted on FreshersLive, the puzzle challenges players to find the correctly spelt word among a litany of letters. While most of the words in the picture are spelt “daet”, the challenge is to find the one word which is spelt “date”.

According to the site, only two percent of people can find the word “date” within 18 seconds.

If people can’t spot it there’s a handy way to find the correct spelling of the word. The key is at the end of the second row in the image above. The word “date” is the final word written on the second row.

While brain teasers may be a great way to spend five minutes testing your brain, continually maintaining cerebral health can have long-term benefits.

The healthier the mind is, the lower the risk of a person developing a neurodegenerative disorder such as dementia.

While other factors such as lifestyle can have an impact, experts have found maintaining the health of the brain can have a big impact in both the short and long term.

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