Only the smartest can find all eight dog treats in puzzle within 20 seconds

Brainteasers are a great way to push the mind to its limits and keep one of the body’s most important organs in shape.

They can come in several forms, but the most common type is known as an observational brainteaser.

They normally provide the user with a scene and ask them to find an image or token inside that scene.

In most picture-based brainteasers, it is typical to find one hidden item, but in this puzzle by Puppy Hero, the challenge is to find not one, but eight dog biscuits within 20 seconds.

According to the creators behind the brainteaser, people take around a minute-and-a-half to find all eight biscuits hidden in the image above.

Did you find all eight dog biscuits? No problem if not, as the answers are circled in green above. Some of the biscuits are hidden in the bushes whilst others are on the dog walkers themselves.

This brainteaser comes during a difficult time for dog owners as their beloved pets swelter through the heatwave.

To help owners look after their dogs, the RSCPA has published several recommendations to help owners during the heatwave.

They said: “Put ice cubes into your dog’s water bowl or make some tasty ice cube treats. You could also freeze a kong with treats and water!

“Give your pet damp towels to lie on (never place a damp towel over your dog as this can trap in heat) or an ice pack wrapped in a towel. Both simple methods could provide welcome relief from the heat

“Use pet-safe sun cream on exposed parts of your pet’s skin, such as the tips of their ears and nose, to avoid sunburn. This is especially important if your dog has white or light-coloured fur, as they can be very vulnerable to getting burnt.”

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